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למה זהר עמיהוד יכול לעזור לך

  • Zohar AmihudBroad business vision with an MBA in information systems from Tel Aviv University
  • Expert in digital marketing (organic SEO, Google AdWords advertising, landing pages, mailing lists, improved conversion rate).
  • I have written many books on HTML, web programming (Javascript, CSS, ASP, ASP.NET) and I was also involved in the writing of a book on Google sponsored advertising (Google Ads).
  • Lecturer at Israel's leading training centers on the subject of SEO: John Bryce College, the Open University, Da'at HaSharon College, Asculi , DigiTalent  and others.
  • He lectures at conferences such as the International Information Conference and Exhibition
  • Highly experienced in marketing, promotion and advertising of medium and large sites in Israel and abroad,
  • A broad business vision that allows me to tailor my Internet marketing to my business audience so that the site generates money.

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How can I help you?

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Want Google to bring more customers to your site? Want more customers to come to the site and / or buy? Not sure how to create a lot of content consistently and continuously?

I, Zohar Amihud , offer strategic and tactical advice so that you can make more profits from your Internet presence. Call me for advice so you can leverage your web presence, bring more customers, generate more leads and more sales.

For a consultation call now
09-8910462 or a full contact form .

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